Vegetarian and Global Warming

The movement back to nature, has not give the result.  That happens because people use something, and eat any food into the stomach, without thinking whether it is necessary, how the process, and what its impact in the future. Environmental degradation and the low degree of human health, can not be denied due to his […]

Stop Global Warming from Home

In Danish, the policy put a halt to global warming do to grass root level, the level of the home.  More than half of Danish carbon emissions come from private consumption for heating, electricity, transportation, and consumer goods. Danish citizens are generally aware and know to global warming, climate change, and the need for energy […]

Reduce global warming with kangaroos waste gas

Australian scientists are trying to adopt the workings of a kangaroo’s stomach to be applied to cows and sheep in an effort to reduce gas emissions that cause global warming.

According to the researchers, kangaroo stomach bacteria inhabited with special exhaust gas contains no methane kangaroos that had been considered to play a role in global […]