Are you sick of being at the mercy of utility firms?

solar-panel1Like many consumers and business owners around the UK, you might be struggling to balance your finances at present. The aftermath of the banking crisis is still being felt and the austerity package implemented by the coalition government in a bid to reduce the fiscal deficit has compounded the pressures.

Not only this, but inflation is rising too and it is getting more expensive to pay for various essentials, such as food and fuel.

Meanwhile, persistent hikes in the price of utilities may be affecting you as well. Providers of gas and electricity say they have to raise their tariffs in order to cover the wholesale cost of their offerings. But such justifications may serve as little comfort to you.

And although you are free to look elsewhere for gas and electricity, when one provider ups its prices, the others tend to follow, meaning you have little leverage as a consumer.

But the good news is that as technology improves and access to renewable energy sources rise, the possibility to break free – at least partially – from your reliance on such companies becomes more achievable.

So, it could well be in your interests to investigate options such as solar panels, wind turbines and heat pumps.

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Cooperation between QD Vision’s and LG Display Developing QLED to Substitute OLED

qledNot long ago, television technology with organic LED (OLED) is introduced and many people have now a new technology developed by QD Vision and LG Display are ready to replace the OLED to be applied in a variety of plasma and LCD screens.

Electroluminescent technology called quantum dot LED (QLED) was first introduced by QD Vision in 2004. QLED developed at MIT is getting the first position in the event the International Nanotechnology Business Idea Competition.

QLED, although currently still in development stage, shows a better characteristic of the OLED itself. Even the OLED itself is already saving energy can still be exceeded by QLED, in addition to a richer color, high brightness and can be printed on very thin materials, production QLED also cheaper. QLED these advantages thanks to the use of nano technology.

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Philips Introduces Econova, Friendly Environmentally Television

econovaPhilips, the world’s top electronics manufacturers, introduce the new television products Econova LED TV. These products also received awards from the European Green EV 2010-2011 European Imaging & Sound Association.

Econova deserve it because the technology indeed pay attention to environmental factors. Television with 42-inch screen is just consuming electricity of 40 watts in Eco mode. Remote is also been equipped with small solar cells to charge the battery in it.

Philips Concern for the environment is also demonstrated through Econova to no longer use paper as the owner’s manual. Philips to integrate them into its product television alias e-manual.

All the outside of Econova also made of recycled aluminum, the same as other Philips products. The screen is used to adopt the latest technology LED display and is able to reduce electricity consumption by 60% while maintaining image quality it produces.

Econova is not ”power vacuum” objects like the results of a study, then the Philips Zero Power Switch technology. This technology ensures power consumption remains Econova 0 watts when the television is turned off via the remote control is normally in stand-by mode.

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Solar Keyboard, Computer Tool for Future Trends

cell keyboardTrends in environmentally friendly electronic devices look more clear. After a variety of electronic products using solar cells as a source of energy, now turn your computer keyboard that install small solar cells to supply electricity into the battery in it.

Logitech, a company based in Fremont, California, United States, which produces equipment such as computer mouse, keyboards, speakers and remote control, has recently introduced its K750 keyboard to type that relies entirely on solar energy. It looks like Logitech does not want half measures in designing these new products. In order to seem more environmentally friendly, Logitech uses a plastic material that is fully recyclable.

Logitch_K750Pada some previous keyboard products, Logitech has designed it as a wireless device. In this way alone Logitech has reduced the use of communication cable between the keyboard with the computer. The same design is also applied to these new keyboards.

Small solar panel that is placed at the top of the keyboard is worth 80 U.S. dollars are solely responsible for charging the battery in it. A luxmeter to detect the intensity of light there is also accompanying the keyboard. Simply use the keyboard light is able to recharge, but it certainly will give maximum results when exposed to sunlight.

Logitech AUOptronics_keyboardInovasi is not the only one. Not long after Logitech announced its new keyboard product, a company called AU Optronics launches its own keyboard that also uses solar energy as a resource. AU Optronis which stood since 1996 has been experienced in the design, development, manufacture and assembly panel thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD).

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Lithium Ion Battery The”Infected”Virus, Save 10 Times More Energy

modBattery technology is growing very fast. Lithium ion battery that is currently the favorite but the price is relatively expensive, probably will be produced with a cheaper price.

Expensive battery types that can not be separated from the use of the material used to bind to the surface of metal electrodes that are used perpendicular. But one research team at the University of Maryland, United States, managed to make a battery”infected”.

”Infected”is perhaps the right word to describe the battery. The reason the team developed a battery that uses a virus that often damage the tobacco or tobacco mosaic virus known.

Genetically engineered virus was used as a substitute material that serves to bind the surface of metal electrodes with the battery in a particular pattern. With this virus, the pattern is then coated with a thin film material which is conductive, such as nickel.

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Researchers at Harvard Engineering Develop Biogas Laptops

biogasjpgBiogas is increasingly popular as a source ofrenewable energy. To use it further, a research team at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences are conducting research to utilize methane on a laptop fuel cell and battery.

A team led by Shriram Ramanathan has focused on solid oxide fuel cell types (SOFC) that rely on methane produced from biogas and certainly does not use platinum anymore.

In addition, they also developed a micro-scale SOFC working at a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius. According to Ramanathan, if SOFC can operate at temperatures 300-500 ° C temperature range, it will open more implementations, such as in vehicles and portable electronic devices. In fact, still thinks, that they develop SOFC will no longer depend on pure hydrogen as fuel, but a variety of other fuels, as well as replace batteries for laptops and other portable electronic devices.

Double and Raptor, Green Mobile Gadget Market Penetration

green mobileMobile electronic devices that give priority to renewable energy as a source of energy is leading to greater levels of commercialization. In addition to Samsung, Nokia, LG mobile phones from manufacturers, there are many other producers are also beginning to make the concept of eco-friendly products.


ZTE Corporation, through its designer-designer to prepare a concept mobile phone that also rely on solar energy to mentenagainya. Double, mobile phone which can be folded at an angle of 360 degrees as far as these coat the entire outer casing with solar cells, except at the sides. This concept is different from other mobile phone that uses solar cells on only one side of the casing.

Double, concept mobile phone which is prepared ZTE for mobile phone users who care about the environment.

From the technical specifications, Double use 3.2-inch touch screen to interact with its users. ZTE’s just not describe the operating system that will be installed in the Double. To be sure the entire outer casing overlaid using solar cells, will certainly attract the attention of potential users who care about the environment.


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8.2 Billion U.S. Dollars For Offshore Wind Turbine Farm in Korea

renewable energy8.2 billion U.S. dollars in South Korea prepared to construct 500 offshore wind turbines. Several large companies such as Hyundai Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering will be involved in the project.

As quoted by AFP, the wind turbine farm would be near the area Buan and Yeonggwang. To 500 turbines that will generate 2.5 gigawatts of electricity.

The South Korean government will be the coordinator of projects worth 8.2 billion U.S. dollars and provides funds 29 billion won, or about 26.2 million U.S. dollars. The rest is funded by private investors who joined in it.

The Korean government considers the field of offshore wind turbines as a promising potential, given the country’s land area is small and nuisance to surrounding residents and environmental impact is relatively small compared with the field of wind turbines built on a vast land.

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The benefit of roof garden

green-roofBuilding a park on the roof building is one of the innovative and effective ways to improve environmental quality while reducing the impact of global warming. Efforts infiltration green bags on the roofs of buildings and structures are commonly known as roof gardens, green space or roof garden roof.

The existence of roof garden will add economic value for residential buildings which are equipped with a roof garden would feel more comfortable and visually beautiful. Benefits roof garden especially extensive in improving air quality and enhance environmental quality including:

Absorption of heat in the building is reduced by 10%. This means you can economize up to 60% of energy consumption used to cool the air. Temperatures in space can come down at least 1-2 celcius degrees, depending on the area of the roof garden.

The existence of the forage, especially the plants with leaf surface rough or jagged edges, especially potent to reduce noise for residents in the building.

In 2050, Germany produce electricity 100% from renewable energy

solar energyGermany, the country that leading adopters of solar cell technology to generate electricity GigaWatt 14 at the end of 2010, set a target to produce the overall supply of electricity from renewable energy sources in 2050.

Jochen Flasbarth, president of the Federal Environment Agency – a German government agency which deals with environmental issues – German target is not a dream in the daytime, because of technical and ecological point of view this target it is possible to achieve.

From the technical side, recently Germany has reached 16% of electricity from potential wind, solar and other renewable energy sources. This figure tripled from the previous fifteen years. Solar energy itself is almost reached 14 GW in this year and become the second country after the United States in the production of electricity from wind energy.

While the environmental side, from 1990 until 2020, Germany succeeded in reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 40%.

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