Cleaning The Sea with Microbacteria

Using nature source to clean the nature is the most appropriate method. When the territorial sea of a country is often marred by the tanker-oil tanker carrying crude oil from some countries to other countries, micro bacteria who live freely in the sea could be used to extract the oil at sea more quickly.

Name […]

Seven reason why we should eat organic food

1. Stop consuming chemicals. All food are conventionally using synthetic pesticides / chemicals, contain residues of chemicals. All types of pesticides are carcinogenic substances (a substance that caused due to burning can stimulate the growth of cancer).

2. To be healthy, at least we can start with what we eat everyday. Because rice (rice) is 60% […]

Easy to make compost using compost tumbler

One way to handle garbage is 3R, which is Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. In order to use the organic waste as compost. How do I make compost? Can we make it at home? At first you have to separate the organic and inorganic waste, you know what is organic waste? yes rotting garbage, such […]

Grocery organic shopping list for your health

In this century, the availability of information through various media makes people more aware and understanding about health. One growing trend is a healthy food and organic. But Do we need to eat all organic foods and no longer to buy food or fruits that “ordinary”? Environmental Working Group answer this question by making a […]

3 R Solution to reduce waste and garbage

In an effort to save the environment from the garbage and waste, can be done by implementing the 3R concept of a consistent and sustainable.

“3-R concept is the reduced (Reduse), using back and recycling (recycling) of the remains that is not useful.
All parties should implement the 3R concept of a consistent and sustainable as an […]

10 important reasons of water for healthy body

Water is a vital mineral for the human body. What are the functions of the body of water? Here are 10 important functions of water according dr.Tan Shot, Yen, M. Hum, medical doctor and author of the book.

Water prevents DNA damage and make repairs more efficiently.
Water increases the efficiency of the immune system in the […]

Vitamin C is come from some fruit

You must have known that vitamin C good for our bodies to prevent influenza disease or other diseases. This vitamin helps your body repair tissue, and helps improve the immune system. Vitamin C is also needed to help the body absorb iron.

So far, known fruit that contain high vitamin C is oranges. But the choice […]

Biodiesel: Solution or Problem?

The use of biodiesel is being campaign by the government which is expected with this solution is the use of diesel fuel can be reduced because of the mix with diesel, which is the result of the oil palm oil, corn, soybeans, space, sugar cane, cassava, etc..

Human generations has been farming for their daily meals. […]

Choosing wooden and eco-friendly furniture

In marketplace there are many provider offering the most extensive range of outdoor furniture where you can choose from. As well as this though, the products that they offer should be constructed from durable wood such as garden table. The types of durable woods that usually used to make wooden garden furniture, but there are […]

The importance of greening the environment

Greening or reforesting is not only useful for improving the quality of health and beauty. Reforestation is also able to reduce the risk of fire.

The fire that burns itself is because no media that can withstand the heat of the earth. For example, the fire in the warehouse came from the pile of goods. Piles […]