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Ygoy is a health and life style portal started in the year 2005. The philosophy behind YGOY is: Why to go anywhere else, when we (YGOY content writers) are here to clarify your doubts on health and lifestyle. We are driven by the motive that “the urge to know (WHY or Y) is a basic […]

Become healthier using e-cigarette

The electronic cigarette is a smokeless cigarette or e-cigarette, and it is another choice for cigarette smokers in the world. The Electronic Cigarette makes effectively simulate the experience of smoking an actual cigarette, without any of the health or legal issues on traditional cigarettes.

The Electronic cigarettes taste much like traditional cigarettes and function very […]

Grocery organic shopping list for your health

In this century, the availability of information through various media makes people more aware and understanding about health. One growing trend is a healthy food and organic. But Do we need to eat all organic foods and no longer to buy food or fruits that “ordinary”? Environmental Working Group answer this question by making a […]

Vegetarian and Global Warming

The movement back to nature, has not give the result.  That happens because people use something, and eat any food into the stomach, without thinking whether it is necessary, how the process, and what its impact in the future. Environmental degradation and the low degree of human health, can not be denied due to his […]

Beware of the danger of plastic.

There have been many people who give the warning, rumors, gossip and even a magazine article about the dangers of plastic. But still, only a handful of people who care until further study.

Plastic is one of the ingredients we can find in almost every item. Starting from drinking bottles, TV, refrigerator, pipes, plastic laminate, dentures, […]

The important information when you buy steroids

We know that if we want to buy anabolic steroids, we only have two choices; from a physician or from black market. But it is easy to find a sympathetic doctor who give prescribe anabolic steroids to athletes. The reclassification of anabolic steroids is controlled substance in a few years ago, and most doctors at […]

Global Handwasing Day: Clean Hands Save Lives

October 15, is the World Hand Washing Day is held in order to make a clean habits, especially for children. Washing your hands is a very good habit and the most effective way and cheaper to prevent diseases such as diarrhea, infectious diseases, etc..

The slogan used for Global Handwashing Day is also a “Clean Hands […]

10 important reasons of water for healthy body

Water is a vital mineral for the human body. What are the functions of the body of water? Here are 10 important functions of water according dr.Tan Shot, Yen, M. Hum, medical doctor and author of the book.

Water prevents DNA damage and make repairs more efficiently.
Water increases the efficiency of the immune system in the […]

Vitamin C is come from some fruit

You must have known that vitamin C good for our bodies to prevent influenza disease or other diseases. This vitamin helps your body repair tissue, and helps improve the immune system. Vitamin C is also needed to help the body absorb iron.

So far, known fruit that contain high vitamin C is oranges. But the choice […]

Green world and activities equals healthy body

Here are some ways to save the earth, which not only affect the living, but also has good benefits for our bodies.

– Planting
In addition to reforestation, the following activities are also very good for the health of the body. Quiet soul balanced with the ideal body. Water movement, and gives plant fertilizer for 5 minutes […]