Environmentally friendly disposal of office clearance methods

Office clearance is the activities that is not easy and rather difficult problems in waste disposal. The purpose is to rid an area from the items that is too large and move easily with transport to the center.  Office clearance can consist of many items such as furniture, electronic items, even computer desktop that […]

Smart way to reduce paper

For environmentally friendly, one more thing we need to reduce their use: paper: paper production requires a lot of energy, water, and of course the king of trees!

Do you know that saving the use of paper means also saving water? So, what to do? It turned out to make a sheet of copier paper, at […]

Green Building for the micro climate, environment-friendly building

The concept of green building or green building trend driven into the world of property development today. This environmentally friendly building has put a halt to the contribution of global warming with the correct micro climate.

The biggest point in this concept is saving water and energy and use renewable energy. In Indonesia, access to […]

Biodiesel: Solution or Problem?

The use of biodiesel is being campaign by the government which is expected with this solution is the use of diesel fuel can be reduced because of the mix with diesel, which is the result of the oil palm oil, corn, soybeans, space, sugar cane, cassava, etc..

Human generations has been farming for their daily meals. […]

The importance of greening the environment

Greening or reforesting is not only useful for improving the quality of health and beauty. Reforestation is also able to reduce the risk of fire.

The fire that burns itself is because no media that can withstand the heat of the earth. For example, the fire in the warehouse came from the pile of goods. Piles […]

Green world and activities equals healthy body

Here are some ways to save the earth, which not only affect the living, but also has good benefits for our bodies.

– Planting
In addition to reforestation, the following activities are also very good for the health of the body. Quiet soul balanced with the ideal body. Water movement, and gives plant fertilizer for 5 minutes […]

White roof for green world

What Color is your roof?

Roof color is a traditional red brick, blue, black, dark green, and others. Very rarely do we see the white roof. For any buildings with no mortar used to follow the color gray.

It turned out for us who live in the tropics and hot, white roofs can reduce air conditioning usage […]

Copenhagen, from the polluted city to a “Carbon Neutral City”

Welcome to Climate Neutral Country”. Series of these words greet the train passengers who arrived at the Central Station København, Copenhagen, Danish, a day before the implementation of the UN Conference on climate change last week.

The opportunity to host the UN’s biggest event this year had been wasted by the Danish Government. Vision becomes “Carbon […]