Refrigerator Without Electricity Maintain Temperature For 10 Days

Nowadays, the refrigerator has been widely used in every home. In addition to air conditioners, refrigerators are also one of the largest electric energy absorber because of the workings of a 24-hour non-stop.

But what if there is a refrigerator once a week is enough to absorb the electrical energy to cool the compartment in it? […]

Cooperation between QD Vision’s and LG Display Developing QLED to Substitute OLED

Not long ago, television technology with organic LED (OLED) is introduced and many people have now a new technology developed by QD Vision and LG Display are ready to replace the OLED to be applied in a variety of plasma and LCD screens.

Electroluminescent technology called quantum dot LED (QLED) was first introduced by QD Vision […]

Solar Keyboard, Computer Tool for Future Trends

Trends in environmentally friendly electronic devices look more clear. After a variety of electronic products using solar cells as a source of energy, now turn your computer keyboard that install small solar cells to supply electricity into the battery in it.

Logitech, a company based in Fremont, California, United States, which produces equipment such as computer […]

Double and Raptor, Green Mobile Gadget Market Penetration

Mobile electronic devices that give priority to renewable energy as a source of energy is leading to greater levels of commercialization. In addition to Samsung, Nokia, LG mobile phones from manufacturers, there are many other producers are also beginning to make the concept of eco-friendly products.


ZTE Corporation, through its designer-designer to prepare a concept mobile […]

Honda Launches Two Door Sport Car CR-Z Hybrid

Do not want left behind from Toyota, Honda plans to launch the two-door sports car Honda CR-Z hybrid. As quoted from the press release Honda, Honda hybrid car will be released into the market on August 24, 2010 at a price of U.S. $ 19,950.

Honda hybrid cars are reminiscent of the Honda Civic CRX in […]

Saving renewable energy surplus into methane gas

Every year the power plant which utilizes the potential of renewable energy such as solar and wind increased in the megawatt scale. But unfortunately until now the media storage of surplus energy that produced by renewable energy power plants still has not find the technology. Battery until now is still the main alternative, but the […]

Solar powered aircraft in Switzerland

Prototype of solar-powered airplane, Solar Impulse, successfully underwent the first flight test in Switzerland, with a speed of 45 kilometers per hour.

The project coordinator who helped lead the project said that Solar Impulse takeoff smoothly at Payerne Air Field. With the power 10 electric motors, light aircraft with a passenger and the pilot climbed slowly […]

Solar energy through The Island Solar

More sunlight shining on the ocean rather than land. This is one of the reasons why the ice in the north and south poles are not expected to melt quickly on the current scale. All because the ice has been a sort of giant reflective glass so that sunlight can be reflected back into space […]

Solution for mass transport using solar energy

A remarkable achievement! A ship named Sun21 finally docked in New York City after spending 6 months to sail from the city in Basal, Switzerland. Incredibly, this ship does not use fuel at all. Not only motor boat but all the equipment on board such as computers, radar and navigation systems, radios, satellite phones, video […]

Easy to make compost using compost tumbler

One way to handle garbage is 3R, which is Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. In order to use the organic waste as compost. How do I make compost? Can we make it at home? At first you have to separate the organic and inorganic waste, you know what is organic waste? yes rotting garbage, such […]