Green Building for the micro climate, environment-friendly building

The concept of green building or green building trend driven into the world of property development today. This environmentally friendly building has put a halt to the contribution of global warming with the correct micro climate.

The biggest point in this concept is saving water and energy and use renewable energy. In Indonesia, access to […]

The Companies should save electricity

Some ways to save, especially for offices and companies are as follows:

Reset the electric lighting in the room so that when users power only in certain parts, so not all lights must be switched.
Change the light bulb lights with energy-saving lamps.
Turn off computer monitors when used as monitors use more electricity than computers. as a […]

Choosing wooden and eco-friendly furniture

In marketplace there are many provider offering the most extensive range of outdoor furniture where you can choose from. As well as this though, the products that they offer should be constructed from durable wood such as garden table. The types of durable woods that usually used to make wooden garden furniture, but there are […]

Using environmentally friendly plastic bags

Many Department Store now using environmentally friendly plastic bags. Use of oxi degradable bags (oxium) which easily decompose. Its use as commitment in conserving the environment and supporting government programs on waste management. Oxium plastic bags made of degradable material so that the mixture of plastic will be destroyed within 2 years.

Period of destruction […]