Dark color will absorb heat between 70-90% of the total solar radiation

One thing that you can consider to make your house more elegant is the color of your wall paint outdoors.

Wall of a dark color will absorb heat between 70-90% of the total solar radiation that hit the area. Some of this heat would go into the house by way of conduction in the wall that […]

Toilet Leak Repair – Fixing Toilet Leaks to Save Water

There are many plumbing repairs and plumbing enhancements you can make around your home to conserve water. In toilet repair, Toilet leak repair is one of the many ways you can go green by saving water.

To start you should know there are many reasons your toilet may be leaking. It could be something small […]

Stop Global Warming from Home

In Danish, the policy put a halt to global warming do to grass root level, the level of the home.  More than half of Danish carbon emissions come from private consumption for heating, electricity, transportation, and consumer goods. Danish citizens are generally aware and know to global warming, climate change, and the need for energy […]

Glass film to reduce sun and save energy

Illustration about glass film, the house is facing westward, so get the afternoon sun that stung enough. The house has two floors where the floor is cool because of the mango tree in the front garden so that the shade. But the second floor we were very hot as it gets direct sunlight. Incidentally, because […]

White roof for green world

What Color is your roof?

Roof color is a traditional red brick, blue, black, dark green, and others. Very rarely do we see the white roof. For any buildings with no mortar used to follow the color gray.

It turned out for us who live in the tropics and hot, white roofs can reduce air conditioning usage […]

More Benefit Using Balsam Flowers

Beautiful colors characterize this Asian native plants. Another characteristic, this plant is easy to grow and not fussy. Also some parts of the plant could be used as a drug P3K.

In the world, plant impatiens balsamina Linn. known as balsam flowers. In Indonesia, more commonly known as pacar air flowers. Have flowers with different colors, […]