Comprehensive listing of ethically produced goods and services

The Internet has changed the purchasing behavior to a higher level that customers habitually research suppliers of goods and services online before they buy. The fact is that the online transaction increasingly significant, and this means that if you get customers to your website, you have the opportunity to increase sales further.

This considered, product and […]

Solution to reduce plastic waste

That is one of the slogans of the trends that exist across the world. We can begin to reduce our plastic waste to not wear it but replace it.

1. Do not use plastic bags for shopping. Bring your own shopping bag that can always be used again.
2. Do not just throw away plastic bottle after […]

Seven reason why we should eat organic food

1. Stop consuming chemicals. All food are conventionally using synthetic pesticides / chemicals, contain residues of chemicals. All types of pesticides are carcinogenic substances (a substance that caused due to burning can stimulate the growth of cancer).

2. To be healthy, at least we can start with what we eat everyday. Because rice (rice) is 60% […]

Smart way to reduce paper

For environmentally friendly, one more thing we need to reduce their use: paper: paper production requires a lot of energy, water, and of course the king of trees!

Do you know that saving the use of paper means also saving water? So, what to do? It turned out to make a sheet of copier paper, at […]

Green Building for the micro climate, environment-friendly building

The concept of green building or green building trend driven into the world of property development today. This environmentally friendly building has put a halt to the contribution of global warming with the correct micro climate.

The biggest point in this concept is saving water and energy and use renewable energy. In Indonesia, access to […]

Global Handwasing Day: Clean Hands Save Lives

October 15, is the World Hand Washing Day is held in order to make a clean habits, especially for children. Washing your hands is a very good habit and the most effective way and cheaper to prevent diseases such as diarrhea, infectious diseases, etc..

The slogan used for Global Handwashing Day is also a “Clean Hands […]

The Companies should save electricity

Some ways to save, especially for offices and companies are as follows:

Reset the electric lighting in the room so that when users power only in certain parts, so not all lights must be switched.
Change the light bulb lights with energy-saving lamps.
Turn off computer monitors when used as monitors use more electricity than computers. as a […]

The importance of greening the environment

Greening or reforesting is not only useful for improving the quality of health and beauty. Reforestation is also able to reduce the risk of fire.

The fire that burns itself is because no media that can withstand the heat of the earth. For example, the fire in the warehouse came from the pile of goods. Piles […]

Fact About Paper

Paper for our generation is something that has become mundane and the everyday that we often use paper without thinking much about the consequences. I tried to summary some facts about paper that we all understand the importance of reducing paper usage and recycle used paper. Hopefully useful and deepen our knowledge that we are […]

Change your life style, save the forest

How many sheets of paper that you use every day? How many cups of coffee you drink everyday? How much you enjoy fried foods? How much material from palm oil are you using? Very much perhaps. Especially if you live in the big city life style could not be separated from the goods.

However, did you […]