Energy Saving -- How to Save Money and Energy with Double Glazing

Double Glazing Concepts

Creating an energy-efficient home is about more than simply using less energy to heat, cool, and power it– it’s also about better using the energy that’s there. Even something as simple as a little draught can contribute to massive heat loss over the autumn and winter months, and a loss of heat […]

The benefit of roof garden

Building a park on the roof building is one of the innovative and effective ways to improve environmental quality while reducing the impact of global warming. Efforts infiltration green bags on the roofs of buildings and structures are commonly known as roof gardens, green space or roof garden roof.

The existence of roof garden will add […]

Sample of a roof garden

This is an example of a house with a roof garden which is very good. Houses built with a minimalist design. Can be seen that the above and in addition there are many parks so that when the rain water can be absorbed and not directly into the ditch which ultimately reduces the potential for […]

Green Building for the micro climate, environment-friendly building

The concept of green building or green building trend driven into the world of property development today. This environmentally friendly building has put a halt to the contribution of global warming with the correct micro climate.

The biggest point in this concept is saving water and energy and use renewable energy. In Indonesia, access to […]

Green Building with Environmentally Friendly Concept

The use of green building or buildings with environmentally friendly concept was increasingly in demand. The results of a global survey conducted property consultants Jones Lang LaSalle and CoreNet in 2008 and then show, Tenant’s interest in Asia Pacific to use green building growing along with the increasing awareness of environmental issues and sustainability issues.

General […]