Dark color will absorb heat between 70-90% of the total solar radiation

One thing that you can consider to make your house more elegant is the color of your wall paint outdoors.

Wall of a dark color will absorb heat between 70-90% of the total solar radiation that hit the area. Some of this heat would go into the house by way of conduction in the wall that […]

Vegetarian and Global Warming

The movement back to nature, has not give the result.  That happens because people use something, and eat any food into the stomach, without thinking whether it is necessary, how the process, and what its impact in the future. Environmental degradation and the low degree of human health, can not be denied due to his […]

The importance of greening the environment

Greening or reforesting is not only useful for improving the quality of health and beauty. Reforestation is also able to reduce the risk of fire.

The fire that burns itself is because no media that can withstand the heat of the earth. For example, the fire in the warehouse came from the pile of goods. Piles […]

Fact About Water on Earth

Water problems continue to be problematic that difficult to solve. Water savings were difficult to do because it felt that the water is something that is ongoing and will not be exhausted.  The fact is the total amount of water that existed on Earth today is relatively the same as when the Earth was created. […]

Renewable energy from marine algae

Marine algae have great potential in an effort to combat global warming. Easy living organisms in the ocean has an enormous capacity to absorb carbon dioxide and can be processed into biofuels, environmentally friendly fuels.

Laboratory-scale research conducted Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) prove algae (algae) in the sea enlarged 20-25 […]

New idea to pulverize methane gas

Global warming due to accumulation of gases in the atmosphere, including methane, advanced effects, namely climate change and environmental conditions are deteriorating earth. However, the attention has been focused on carbon gas pressure. In fact, methane is the biggest cause of global warming. So, later began to be directed at the target gas on this […]

Reduce global warming with kangaroos waste gas

Australian scientists are trying to adopt the workings of a kangaroo’s stomach to be applied to cows and sheep in an effort to reduce gas emissions that cause global warming.

According to the researchers, kangaroo stomach bacteria inhabited with special exhaust gas contains no methane kangaroos that had been considered to play a role in global […]

Copenhagen, from the polluted city to a “Carbon Neutral City”

Welcome to Climate Neutral Country”. Series of these words greet the train passengers who arrived at the Central Station København, Copenhagen, Danish, a day before the implementation of the UN Conference on climate change last week.

The opportunity to host the UN’s biggest event this year had been wasted by the Danish Government. Vision becomes “Carbon […]

Increase 5-10 millimeter sea front surface per year

From the results of monitoring at several locations, the rate of sea level rise surface 5-10 millimeters Indonesia reached per year, far above the estimated increase in global sea level surface estimated 1.5 millimeters per year.

The rate of increase in average sea level surface Indonesia is affected by six factors, but not dominated by climate […]