Easy to make compost using compost tumbler

One way to handle garbage is 3R, which is Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. In order to use the organic waste as compost. How do I make compost? Can we make it at home? At first you have to separate the organic and inorganic waste, you know what is organic waste? yes rotting garbage, such […]

Sample of a roof garden

This is an example of a house with a roof garden which is very good. Houses built with a minimalist design. Can be seen that the above and in addition there are many parks so that when the rain water can be absorbed and not directly into the ditch which ultimately reduces the potential for […]

Choosing wooden and eco-friendly furniture

In marketplace there are many provider offering the most extensive range of outdoor furniture where you can choose from. As well as this though, the products that they offer should be constructed from durable wood such as garden table. The types of durable woods that usually used to make wooden garden furniture, but there are […]