The Environmental Dangers of Leaving Commercial Waste Unattended

Common sense will tell you not to leave commercial waste unattended. Unfortunately, common sense is not that common amongst your fellow citizens. The dangers are manifold, but many simply do not understand the true threats. Laypersons and animals do not understand the dangers of commercial waste management, and may go poking and prodding where they […]

A guide to different waste types and hiring skips to deal with them

skip hire

Before you need to hire a skip, a little planning is in order. Skips vary in size, shape, and configuration. Furthermore, specialized skips are designed just for liquids. Adding to the confusion is if the liquid is hazardous or non-hazardous. For every application, a skip is designed to accomplish the task. It would […]

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Electronic Cigarettes – Green Healthy Smoking

The benefit of roof garden

Building a park on the roof building is one of the innovative and effective ways to improve environmental quality while reducing the impact of global warming. Efforts infiltration green bags on the roofs of buildings and structures are commonly known as roof gardens, green space or roof garden roof.

The existence of roof garden will add […]

Dark color will absorb heat between 70-90% of the total solar radiation

One thing that you can consider to make your house more elegant is the color of your wall paint outdoors.

Wall of a dark color will absorb heat between 70-90% of the total solar radiation that hit the area. Some of this heat would go into the house by way of conduction in the wall that […]

Don’t dispose the water from Air Conditioner

Do you have air conditioning at home or office? Have you ever thought where you dispose of the waste water from air conditioner condensation? Usually people make long pipe and discharged into waterways, or there is also dispose into the street which eventually spilling water everywhere and a pool of water. Though the water’s been […]

Solution to reduce plastic waste

That is one of the slogans of the trends that exist across the world. We can begin to reduce our plastic waste to not wear it but replace it.

1. Do not use plastic bags for shopping. Bring your own shopping bag that can always be used again.
2. Do not just throw away plastic bottle after […]

Cleaning The Sea with Microbacteria

Using nature source to clean the nature is the most appropriate method. When the territorial sea of a country is often marred by the tanker-oil tanker carrying crude oil from some countries to other countries, micro bacteria who live freely in the sea could be used to extract the oil at sea more quickly.

Name […]

Facebook contribution for CO2 emissions

Facebook, one of the major social networking site that is currently growing rapidly, a few time ago announced plans to build large data centers in Oregon, USA. What is interesting is that all servers using the servers efficient plan in terms of consumption of electric energy to serve the millions of people communicate with each […]

Environmentally friendly disposal of office clearance methods

Office clearance is the activities that is not easy and rather difficult problems in waste disposal. The purpose is to rid an area from the items that is too large and move easily with transport to the center.  Office clearance can consist of many items such as furniture, electronic items, even computer desktop that […]