Philips Introduces Econova, Friendly Environmentally Television

Philips, the world’s top electronics manufacturers, introduce the new television products Econova LED TV. These products also received awards from the European Green EV 2010-2011 European Imaging & Sound Association.

Econova deserve it because the technology indeed pay attention to environmental factors. Television with 42-inch screen is just consuming electricity of 40 watts in Eco mode. […]

Comprehensive listing of ethically produced goods and services

The Internet has changed the purchasing behavior to a higher level that customers habitually research suppliers of goods and services online before they buy. The fact is that the online transaction increasingly significant, and this means that if you get customers to your website, you have the opportunity to increase sales further.

This considered, product and […]

Solution to reduce plastic waste

That is one of the slogans of the trends that exist across the world. We can begin to reduce our plastic waste to not wear it but replace it.

1. Do not use plastic bags for shopping. Bring your own shopping bag that can always be used again.
2. Do not just throw away plastic bottle after […]

Facebook contribution for CO2 emissions

Facebook, one of the major social networking site that is currently growing rapidly, a few time ago announced plans to build large data centers in Oregon, USA. What is interesting is that all servers using the servers efficient plan in terms of consumption of electric energy to serve the millions of people communicate with each […]

Be careful with standby mode of electronic equipment

On the latest estimates, amounting to 5% of electricity usage in the United States by electronic equipment connected to the network is left in standby mode condition.

A phenomenon, which according to experts, including fear, as well as rising oil prices and global warming.

According to the United States Department of Energy, DOE, in the year 2010 […]

Seven reason why we should eat organic food

1. Stop consuming chemicals. All food are conventionally using synthetic pesticides / chemicals, contain residues of chemicals. All types of pesticides are carcinogenic substances (a substance that caused due to burning can stimulate the growth of cancer).

2. To be healthy, at least we can start with what we eat everyday. Because rice (rice) is 60% […]

Environmentally friendly disposal of office clearance methods

Office clearance is the activities that is not easy and rather difficult problems in waste disposal. The purpose is to rid an area from the items that is too large and move easily with transport to the center.  Office clearance can consist of many items such as furniture, electronic items, even computer desktop that […]

Easy to make compost using compost tumbler

One way to handle garbage is 3R, which is Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. In order to use the organic waste as compost. How do I make compost? Can we make it at home? At first you have to separate the organic and inorganic waste, you know what is organic waste? yes rotting garbage, such […]

Smart way to reduce paper

For environmentally friendly, one more thing we need to reduce their use: paper: paper production requires a lot of energy, water, and of course the king of trees!

Do you know that saving the use of paper means also saving water? So, what to do? It turned out to make a sheet of copier paper, at […]

Beware of the danger of plastic.

There have been many people who give the warning, rumors, gossip and even a magazine article about the dangers of plastic. But still, only a handful of people who care until further study.

Plastic is one of the ingredients we can find in almost every item. Starting from drinking bottles, TV, refrigerator, pipes, plastic laminate, dentures, […]