Features and uses of solar panels

Features and uses of solar panels

Although solar panels have not been around for a very long time but the concept of using sun rays for producing electricity is age-old and easy. A solar panel is a main component of solar energy. There are various uses of a solar panel. A solar panel has numerous uses […]

8.2 Billion U.S. Dollars For Offshore Wind Turbine Farm in Korea

8.2 billion U.S. dollars in South Korea prepared to construct 500 offshore wind turbines. Several large companies such as Hyundai Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering will be involved in the project.

As quoted by AFP, the wind turbine farm would be near the area Buan and Yeonggwang. To 500 turbines that will generate […]

Purdue university experts show us one great method to reduce 50% of winter home heating costs

Researchers at Purdue University are working on a new research project that promises the potential to cut heating bill in half for those who live in very cold climates. The study, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, builds on previous work that began about 5 years ago at Purdue’s Ray W. Herrick Laboratories.

Heat pumps […]

Cheap batteries using boiled potatoes

There are some people who can apply the breakthrough made by scientists at the Yissum Research Development Company Ltd., A company whose function is to commercialize technology research Hebrews University in Jerusalem.

The company introduced a battery of organic research findings by researchers at the University Hebrews that made from potatoes and has been getting special […]

More efficient energy using solar energy cells

The Uses of solar cells as an energy source for vehicle in the Shell Eco-marathon competition 2010 in America proved more frugal. Among the 48 participants with a variety of vehicle types of conventional or alternative fuels, solar cell vehicle that design by student at Purdue University from the State of Indiana, United States, proved […]

Solar energy through The Island Solar

More sunlight shining on the ocean rather than land. This is one of the reasons why the ice in the north and south poles are not expected to melt quickly on the current scale. All because the ice has been a sort of giant reflective glass so that sunlight can be reflected back into space […]

Solution for mass transport using solar energy

A remarkable achievement! A ship named Sun21 finally docked in New York City after spending 6 months to sail from the city in Basal, Switzerland. Incredibly, this ship does not use fuel at all. Not only motor boat but all the equipment on board such as computers, radar and navigation systems, radios, satellite phones, video […]

Renewable energy of Smart Grid to reduce carbon emissions

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), one research institute under the Ministry of Energy of the United States, recently published results of research on the influence of the transmission network use of intelligent (smart grids) on carbon emissions and energy. The influence of these two objects are made directly by the use of new technologies and […]

Renewable energy and technology for ship and boat

Indonesia is an archipelago with a vast ocean, the longest coast in the world and also has large rivers that penetrated far into the woods. Therefore, river and sea transportation is very important for Indonesia. But the ships are currently driven by the energy of all oil. I once wrote an article about the ship […]