The Environmental Dangers of Leaving Commercial Waste Unattended

Common sense will tell you not to leave commercial waste unattended. Unfortunately, common sense is not that common amongst your fellow citizens. The dangers are manifold, but many simply do not understand the true threats. Laypersons and animals do not understand the dangers of commercial waste management, and may go poking and prodding where they should not.

waste management

waste management

Human Threat.

Human threat to unattended waste is a chief hazard. Scrappers may view a pile of debris with a greedy eye, thinking they can collect scrap metal. Granted, some scrap metal may be harmless, but others pose a serious risk to society. History is rife with stories of scrappers breaking apart old abandoned x-ray equipment to get at the lead and people dying of radiation poisoning. Furthermore, the “buzzards” may come across medical contaminated waste which carries pathogens such as HIV. Laypersons do not understand the risks, so they go about their business until it’s too late.

Animal Threat

Animals are driven by instinct, and have no understanding. If they come across a food source, they will eat. The danger of spreading disease is enormous. Even if the waste is from a restaurant, it still a breeding ground for pathogens such as E. coli. Rodents and stray dogs will all feast on the abandoned food source. Birds are a particular threat, since the diseases can be flown off and carried for kilometres.

Legal Issues.

The governing bodies, in an effort to protect public safety, have laws established to prevent the accumulation of debris. If a pile is found, those responsible for the pile will be looked upon unfavourably. Rest assured, they will held accountable. Furthermore, liability issues become a concern. For example, if a scrapper becomes infected, he may file a lawsuit claiming you caused the disease.

Waste Control and Management

Any intelligent person knows and understands proper disposal. Children are taught to throw things away in a receptacle, but yet for some people the message gets lost. Being a responsible citizen, you understand the need for managing waste. For commercial quantities of waste, protocols are in place. First and foremost, you have to abide by laws. These laws may be in depth, such as for the disposal of hazardous waste. Solving the equation is to confer with professional disposal companies, and discuss what options exist for the management of debris. A reputable waste specialist company knows all the ins-and-outs, and will be a valuable asset to your endeavours.

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