Refrigerator Without Electricity Maintain Temperature For 10 Days

FreezerRefrigerator-largeNowadays, the refrigerator has been widely used in every home. In addition to air conditioners, refrigerators are also one of the largest electric energy absorber because of the workings of a 24-hour non-stop.

But what if there is a refrigerator once a week is enough to absorb the electrical energy to cool the compartment in it? Of course it would be the best alternative as a replacement refrigerator that exist today.

Currently, a company already makes True Energy. Sure Chill owned technology companies get the most high-density polyurethane as insulation. In addition, a phase change material technology”innovative”- True Energy’s no secret the details – capable of storing energy until the time required.

Actually, these refrigerators only takes approximately 5 hours per day to recharge. Once fully charged, then the secret material it uses will work to maintain the temperature of the compartment remained stable until the next ten days. This ability makes it able to cool the refrigerator consistently without regard to loss of electricity supply.

In addition, the refrigerator is also equipped with intelligent monitoring system that will detect the presence of warm-temperature objects in the compartment and react with the hot issue that arises, and keeping the temperature remains between 4’C and 6’C. While other products, according to True Energy, often freeze some object while trying to maintain the correct temperature for these objects.

Although True Energy to deploy this technology on the design of the refrigerator to store vaccines, but did not rule out the refrigerator that have energy efficiency are two times better than similar products that will be applied to other cooler cabinets.

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