GE and Hitachi Use Benefit from Product of Nuclear Plant Waste Recycling

nuclear-plantGE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, a company formed between General Electric and Hitachi, nuclear waste from nuclear power plants could still be recovered with the nuclear fuel recycling techniques.

Conventional nuclear power plants in the United States only 5% of the energy use of nuclear fuel. The resulting waste is still a great energy saving potential. Techniques offered GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, will produce two kinds of different nuclear fuel. One of them can still be used to fuel conventional nuclear power plant, while the second could only be fuel in fast neutron reactor with a more advanced technology.

Actually, nuclear waste recycling technique has long been introduced, it’s just the technique is still strong criticism due to the emergence of concerns about the misuse of fuel it produces. Pure plutonium resulting from the technique commonly used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

Under these conditions, GE Hitachi offers a process that would complicate the use of recycled products into a weapon by separating the waste from conventional nuclear power plant waste into three streams by providing electrical voltage to the liquid salt.

The first waste material consisting of fission products, which can no longer be used as fuel and will need to be saved, but the required storage time will be reduced from tens of thousands of years for several hundred years (although a fraction of the material still needs to be stored more than 10,000 years).

The second material is uranium that has no material content of the fission of uranium for use in light water reactors in the U.S., which require enriched uranium, but can be used by deuterium uranium reactor (heavy water) used in Canada.

Final waste product is a mixture of transuranic elements including plutonium and neptunium. Plutonium is not separated from other elements, and the mixture off heat and 1,000 times more neutrons released 10,000 times more than pure plutonium. Mixed transuranic can be used in reactors that use liquid sodium as coolant. Type the last nuclear power plant is widely used in Japan and other countries. GE Hitachi also has developed the PRISM reactor that could use a mixture of these fuels, only in the United States has not approved its use.

Given the current under the leadership of Obama’s nuclear energy to be one important concern, the possibility to apply these technologies in order to reduce the impact that may result from radioactive waste stored in a particular area, can be substantially reduced.

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