Cooperation between QD Vision’s and LG Display Developing QLED to Substitute OLED

Not long ago, television technology with organic LED (OLED) is introduced and many people have now a new technology developed by QD Vision and LG Display are ready to replace the OLED to be applied in a variety of plasma and LCD screens.

Electroluminescent technology called quantum dot LED (QLED) was first introduced by QD Vision […]

Philips Introduces Econova, Friendly Environmentally Television

Philips, the world’s top electronics manufacturers, introduce the new television products Econova LED TV. These products also received awards from the European Green EV 2010-2011 European Imaging & Sound Association.

Econova deserve it because the technology indeed pay attention to environmental factors. Television with 42-inch screen is just consuming electricity of 40 watts in Eco mode. […]

Solar Keyboard, Computer Tool for Future Trends

Trends in environmentally friendly electronic devices look more clear. After a variety of electronic products using solar cells as a source of energy, now turn your computer keyboard that install small solar cells to supply electricity into the battery in it.

Logitech, a company based in Fremont, California, United States, which produces equipment such as computer […]

Lithium Ion Battery The”Infected”Virus, Save 10 Times More Energy

Battery technology is growing very fast. Lithium ion battery that is currently the favorite but the price is relatively expensive, probably will be produced with a cheaper price.

Expensive battery types that can not be separated from the use of the material used to bind to the surface of metal electrodes that are used perpendicular. But […]