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Ygoy is a health and life style portal started in the year 2005. The philosophy behind YGOY is: Why to go anywhere else, when we (YGOY content writers) are here to clarify your doubts on health and lifestyle. We are driven by the motive that “the urge to know (WHY or Y) is a basic […]

Solution to reduce plastic waste

That is one of the slogans of the trends that exist across the world. We can begin to reduce our plastic waste to not wear it but replace it.

1. Do not use plastic bags for shopping. Bring your own shopping bag that can always be used again.
2. Do not just throw away plastic bottle after […]

Solar powered aircraft in Switzerland

Prototype of solar-powered airplane, Solar Impulse, successfully underwent the first flight test in Switzerland, with a speed of 45 kilometers per hour.

The project coordinator who helped lead the project said that Solar Impulse takeoff smoothly at Payerne Air Field. With the power 10 electric motors, light aircraft with a passenger and the pilot climbed slowly […]

Cleaning The Sea with Microbacteria

Using nature source to clean the nature is the most appropriate method. When the territorial sea of a country is often marred by the tanker-oil tanker carrying crude oil from some countries to other countries, micro bacteria who live freely in the sea could be used to extract the oil at sea more quickly.

Name […]

More efficient energy using solar energy cells

The Uses of solar cells as an energy source for vehicle in the Shell Eco-marathon competition 2010 in America proved more frugal. Among the 48 participants with a variety of vehicle types of conventional or alternative fuels, solar cell vehicle that design by student at Purdue University from the State of Indiana, United States, proved […]

Facebook contribution for CO2 emissions

Facebook, one of the major social networking site that is currently growing rapidly, a few time ago announced plans to build large data centers in Oregon, USA. What is interesting is that all servers using the servers efficient plan in terms of consumption of electric energy to serve the millions of people communicate with each […]

Become healthier using e-cigarette

The electronic cigarette is a smokeless cigarette or e-cigarette, and it is another choice for cigarette smokers in the world. The Electronic Cigarette makes effectively simulate the experience of smoking an actual cigarette, without any of the health or legal issues on traditional cigarettes.

The Electronic cigarettes taste much like traditional cigarettes and function very […]

Air Conditioner consume higher energy of fuel

There are another way to save fuel vehicle and this way can also be done. Air conditioning (Air Conditioner), components such as additional character only, it also consumes a significant fuel. Can even be a producer of CO2 emissions if the refrigerant leakage occurs.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), energy laboratory owned by […]

Be careful with standby mode of electronic equipment

On the latest estimates, amounting to 5% of electricity usage in the United States by electronic equipment connected to the network is left in standby mode condition.

A phenomenon, which according to experts, including fear, as well as rising oil prices and global warming.

According to the United States Department of Energy, DOE, in the year 2010 […]

Solar energy through The Island Solar

More sunlight shining on the ocean rather than land. This is one of the reasons why the ice in the north and south poles are not expected to melt quickly on the current scale. All because the ice has been a sort of giant reflective glass so that sunlight can be reflected back into space […]