The Companies should save electricity

Some ways to save, especially for offices and companies are as follows:

Reset the electric lighting in the room so that when users power only in certain parts, so not all lights must be switched.
Change the light bulb lights with energy-saving lamps.
Turn off computer monitors when used as monitors use more electricity than computers. as a […]

10 important reasons of water for healthy body

Water is a vital mineral for the human body. What are the functions of the body of water? Here are 10 important functions of water according dr.Tan Shot, Yen, M. Hum, medical doctor and author of the book.

Water prevents DNA damage and make repairs more efficiently.
Water increases the efficiency of the immune system in the […]

Vitamin C is come from some fruit

You must have known that vitamin C good for our bodies to prevent influenza disease or other diseases. This vitamin helps your body repair tissue, and helps improve the immune system. Vitamin C is also needed to help the body absorb iron.

So far, known fruit that contain high vitamin C is oranges. But the choice […]

Biodiesel: Solution or Problem?

The use of biodiesel is being campaign by the government which is expected with this solution is the use of diesel fuel can be reduced because of the mix with diesel, which is the result of the oil palm oil, corn, soybeans, space, sugar cane, cassava, etc..

Human generations has been farming for their daily meals. […]

Toilet Leak Repair – Fixing Toilet Leaks to Save Water

There are many plumbing repairs and plumbing enhancements you can make around your home to conserve water. In toilet repair, Toilet leak repair is one of the many ways you can go green by saving water.

To start you should know there are many reasons your toilet may be leaking. It could be something small […]

Using biofuels for patrol cars

Nowadays many police convert their patrol cars into biodiesel. Remarkably, biofuels are used as a mixture, cooking oil taken from the former fast-food restaurant.

According to police officials, these efficiency measures to deal with skyrocketing fuel prices. The car can run with a mixture of 40 percent diesel and 60 percent used cooking oil.

Currently, the police […]

Choosing wooden and eco-friendly furniture

In marketplace there are many provider offering the most extensive range of outdoor furniture where you can choose from. As well as this though, the products that they offer should be constructed from durable wood such as garden table. The types of durable woods that usually used to make wooden garden furniture, but there are […]

Electric Motorcycle for green lifestyle

The motorcycle is one of the affordable community transportation and is very efficient for carrying goods or passengers to a place that far enough. Any motorcycle can be more efficient than mass transportation that has not been perfect, especially when living in places that lack of mass transportation. Therefore, more and more people choose to […]

The importance of greening the environment

Greening or reforesting is not only useful for improving the quality of health and beauty. Reforestation is also able to reduce the risk of fire.

The fire that burns itself is because no media that can withstand the heat of the earth. For example, the fire in the warehouse came from the pile of goods. Piles […]

Latest revolution: “Machine with air power without pollution”

Some companies have proven to develop a cheap car that uses air machine. The machine was developed by 2 companies at the forefront of the current Moteur Developpment International (MDI) in France and EngineAir in Melburne, Australia. The car is expected to be marketed due to faster battery price is still quite expensive to implement […]