Layer of ice at the South Pole

Warming of Earth’s southern hemisphere currently estimated to affect a layer of ice at the South Pole or Antarctica. Oxford University researcher team and the University of Cambridge, England, recently revealed the results of a study that states west Antarctic ice sheet began to be unstable. The team developed a model to explore changes in […]

Renewable energy from marine algae

Marine algae have great potential in an effort to combat global warming. Easy living organisms in the ocean has an enormous capacity to absorb carbon dioxide and can be processed into biofuels, environmentally friendly fuels.

Laboratory-scale research conducted Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) prove algae (algae) in the sea enlarged 20-25 […]

Boosts for Premier Energy in its Investments through Karbon CJSC Acquisition

Premier Energy acquired Karbon CJSC, an ideal investment that will make oil and gas exploration and production from the foundations of North-Kopanskoye Oilfield amicable and easy. An investment that will definitely have an impact on the oil and gas scene in Russia since the company is well verse in its trade with scores of experience […]

Change your life style, save the forest

How many sheets of paper that you use every day? How many cups of coffee you drink everyday? How much you enjoy fried foods? How much material from palm oil are you using? Very much perhaps. Especially if you live in the big city life style could not be separated from the goods.

However, did you […]